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Most people look at a garage door and see two things: A garage door, and a garage door opener. The problem, though, is no one thinks about the rest of the garage door parts. In addition to what you can see, there is a laundry list of parts associated with your garge door that make it open, and close with ease.

To start, there are the garage door springs that you can see on either side of the hardware. These are the most integral part of the garage door system as these make opening and closing your garage door simple and efficient for you (if you're opening your garage door manually), and for your opener. These springs have to be tight and installed properly, otherwise your garage door springs won't work right, and you will have massive garage door problems. Minneapolis Garage Door Springs has expertly trained technicians that will easily be able to repair, or replace your garage door springs.

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You also have the track that your garage door opens along. Periodically, a technician should check to make sure that your garage door is aligned properly to this track. If your garage door is not aligned ot the track, this can cause serious binding issues that will wear on your garage door and springs. Eventually, this could lead to garage door failure, and eventually, possibly even a broken garage door. This is why you should periodically have your track alignment checked, and corrected if necessary.

Of course, no garage door is complete without a properly functioning set of photoelectric eyes. These eyes are the brains behind your garage door's safe operation. If your photoelectric eyes stop working, your garage door will not know if there is someone, or something in the way of your garage door's path while closing; This could lead to injury or even death when you consider your family, friends and pets could potentially be caught in the path of a 500 pound overhead garage door. Call Minneapolis Garage Door Springs today to have your photoelectric eyes repaired, or replaced.

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Minneapolis Garage Door Springs

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Minneapolis Garage Door Springs

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