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My husband always wants to fix things around the house, so when our garage door broke down, he wanted to be the one to fix it. The only problem is, my husband is not a garage door repairman, and he can barely fix our plumbing issues. He was assessing what parts we would need when I decided to go ahead and call Minneapolis Garage Doors. By the time my husband got back from the hardware store, Minneapolis Garage Doors had already assessed what was wrong, and was halfway through fixing our garage door springs. My husband wasn't so happy with me, but I had my garage door working the same day.
- Suzanne C.

My garage door opener was installed by some second rate company that couldn't even give me good information about my garage door. What's worse, the garage door opener made more noise than I thought was normal, and opened very choppy. This was aggravating because garage door openers aren't cheap. So I called in a second opinion-- Minneapolis Garage Doors. They came out, were friendly, professional, and found that the first group had installed my opener incorrectly. Minneapolis Garage Door fixed this, and also performed some routine maintenance and inspected my garage door to make sure there were no issues that may surprise me. They definitely made a customer for life.
- Steve M.

My garage door has been as consistent as old faithful. I've never had issues with it opening, closing, or doing whatever it is that garage doors do other than that. One day, though, my garage door decided that it didn't want to work. That it had had enough. I didn't know what to do-- I've never had to deal with garage door issues at all. So I popped on the old computer and found Minneapolis Garage Doors. They were able to fix it in a matter of a day, and now old faithful is back to opening and closing again.
- Efram F.

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